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For the T7 owners

DAMN maintenance and repair thread; including Farkle Fests! :boohoo:
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For the T7 owners

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The rear brake sucks on the T7. Camel ADV made a new lever that address' the stock ones shortfall and it works! The new lever changes the angle that the pedal engages the master and I couldn't believe how different it makes the rear brake feel. I can now lock up the rear and it doesn't feel soft/mushy anymore. Before I installed this lever, I had bled the crap out of it and never could get it where I liked it. Funny how the geometry of the peddle interfacing with the master can make that much of a difference, but it does!

Rode the bike in this morning and kept hitting the back brake and testing it out, DAMN it I am glad this is fixed!~
Lots of cool bikes---
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