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IRC Endurofest-Hawaii 2023 race

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IRC Endurofest-Hawaii 2023 race

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Funny, I never knew that for years, I too was a Hard Enduro racer! When I lived in Hawaii (83-2003), we used to race this event every year but back then it was called a Hare Scramble. Starts at MotoX track above Kahuku (Oahu) and goes through the Army training grounds. Hawaii has alot of really good gnarly trail riding and it is different on each island. Jungle, trees, mud, rocks fields, Lava flows (big isalnd), roots, hills, open fast sweepers through the fields, they have it all and of course lots of sand as you get closer to the shore.

I used to ride right out of my house in Kauai on Sunday's and just cross paved roads all the way to the north shore (I lived near Poipu on the south shore). This event was (and still is!) a ball buster but man the memories this video conjure! I think that might have been one of the first times I ever promised God if he just got me to the finish, I'd be a good person! :cheers:

I never won my class, but I did finish and learned a lot about hard obstacle riding and muddy nasty slippery off camber and roots!

Lots of cool bikes---
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