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Buncha Stuff

Post by Roadracer_Al » Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:45 am

OK, DAMN Riders,

As I mentioned elsewhere, my wife is dragging me to CA, kicking and screaming like a 2-year old deprived of their ice cream. :cry: It's actually sort of embarrassing.

Anyway, some of you have been to my shop, and can testify that I have STUFF. I'm loathe to just haul all my STUFF to the dump, since it's taken me a bazillion years to acquire it. :screwy:

I do welding, fabrication, metal shaping, machining, construction, trim work, home handyman (electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting) and I have a lot of STUFF thats too good to throw away, but too large/heavy to haul coast-to-coast. I'm going to cherry pick, and take a small hand-full of useful items, but the rest HAS to GO!

So, this is sort of a free-form e-yard sale. I need to get rid of STUFF. Give me a ring at 301-933-3906 if you want to come by and forage for STUFF.

So, here's a very partial list of STUFF that I really want to be rid of, but don't want to discard.

Wood fasteners - nails, screws, etc. I'm on the fence about taking pneumatic nailer fasteners.

Metal fasteners - My dad was an engineer, and he salvaged coffee cans of really big bolts -- from 5/8" and up. There's also the Magic Buckets. Sweep the shop up, and pick out the fasteners, and throw them in the magic bucket --- it's a grab-bag of everything, and if you need something, go look in the magic bucket.

Plumbing - OK, you know how you go to Home Depot because you need TWO half-inch copper pipe caps? And they only come in bags of TEN? Yeah, I have a box of that STUFF that weighs probably 30 lbs. Some PVC pipe and pipe fittings, some iron pipe fittings, too.

Electrical - 3/4 roll of romex, short (6~8') bits of romex, left overs from the contractor packs of switchplates, switches, and outlets, various breakers, wire nuts, wire staples, wire clamps (for steel boxes) etc. This box of STUFF is about 40 lbs.

Metal shaping - a couple 2x4' sheets of 3003 T0 aluminum, 18 ga. (1/16") plus scraps -- this is the material that you'd make that achingly beautiful Evan Wilcox hand-hammered gas tank out of. It's dead soft, and welds like a dream. I finally got all the tools together, but never made the time to do the work.

Welding - Rods. I have 2 boxes of mostly-full arc rods, 3/32 Jetweld LH-75 (could do with an oven-drying) and 1/8 Fleetweld 35, a bunch of ESAB 4043 aluminum rod in 1/8 and 1/16", some mild steel TIG rod, a 20# roll of mild steel .028 MIG wire, and a 5# roll of .032 stainless MIG wire for welding 304 stainless. There's also a jar of aluminum flux for gas welding (another thing I never took the time to learn).

I hear hairy tales of gas vendors being real jackasses about other vendors tanks, requiring hydrostatic testing for $300, etc. These are all Roberts Oxygen stamped tanks. There's an argon tank, a argon/25% Co2 tank, Oxy/Acetylene tanks (in fact, I could easily be talked out of the whole O/A rig), and a small nitrogen tank for filling shock absorbers. All the tanks except the nitrogen are the largest size Roberts will sell to an individual, can't remember the cubic feet. Most are full, or close to full.

Machining - Lots and lots and lots of drops. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive about saving drops. In fact, I'm a bit of a scrounger too. I have several hundred pounds of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. Like I said, I'll cherry pick a few of the nice bits and basically give away -- below scrap price -- the rest.

Fabrication - several large sheets of 304 stainless in 18 ga. plus scraps. Too thick to roll exhaust cones, but exactly right for slip-rings, hangers and brackets. Also, if you wanted to make a stainless backsplash for your kitchen, there's enough here to do a modest-sized kitchen. I have a shitload of 1" x 1/8" aluminum angle -- bought it to build artsy picture frames for a friend's girlfriend...... she dumped him, and I got stuck with the aluminum stock. I haven't seen my friend since, either. I **hate** being a nice guy. Some structural steel shapes, some 1/2" solid round steel. There's a hunka 1/8 plate that's probably 3' x 8". Etc.

Hopefully, this will be a useful STUFF for someone. Look forward to hearing from you. BTW, there's sooooo much more STUFF I can't begin to mention. If you're here, and see something you want, ask about it. Give me a call, or shoot me a PM.


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