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FS: 2005 Beta Rev3 270 (SOLD)

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:33 am
by smdub

Ok, I have too much stuff and need some space back. This is a 2005 Beta rev3 270. This was advertised in Richmond last year and I had a good friend who lives nearby go inspect it and pick it up for me. I immediately (less than a week later) found a slightly nicer almost identical 2006 locally (the '06 turned out to be Boom Boom's old bike.) Yes, I had bought a 2nd trials bike before I had even seen the first one. If you want to drag friends along you need a spare bike right? You can see how I end up w/ too much stuff.

This '05 runs well but needs some work. I have spent a bit of time going through cleaning up the '06 and have only recently turned my attention towards this '05.

* New front brake pads (it can do proper stoppies now!)
* 'Beta clutch fix' mods done (helped the clutch stick issue some)
* New clutch basket & damper rubbers (fixed the inconsistent clutch drag issue when running.)
* New Jitse front fork protectors
* New Jitse tether kill sw (Included, not installed yet. - I've done the '06 so can show you what wiring to remove & connect to.)

* Clutch still sticks a little every time you stop it. *ALL* trials bikes can have the clutch plates stick some after they sit for a day or more so some is 'normal' This one does it too quickly. Kick starting in gear pops it free. The clutch friction plates may be glazed and need to be scuffed up. The transmission oil looked NEW when I replaced the basket but maybe it needs replacing? Its fine riding as-is but super annoying when stopped as you have to be in neutral to push the bike around.
* I think the carb bowl is weeping gas. This one makes my van smell a bit when I transport it and the bottom of the carb seems damp sometimes. Could probably use a set of new seals.
* kickstand is floppy and leans the bike too far over. The bolts get loose and bend their brackets/holes a little. The '06 had the same issue and I fixed it when I had it's swingarm off for bearing maintenance. The same needs to be done to this '05. Much easier to do if you have the parts up on a bench than working on it upside down under the bike. FWIW, trials kickstands are light/fragile and NOT designed to use to mount or start the bike.

* It was originally advertised "no fork scratches or leaks". Yeah right! :censored: It has left tube fork scratches and a leaking right seal. The scratches are mostly cosmetic but the seal needs to be addressed. I have the new seals on hand but haven't had time to replace yet.

* It has a chain master link AND a half link a couple links apart. No idea why.
* Tires are ok shape for goofing off or letting your younger/in-shape friends compete against you but should get new ones if its your main ride. FWIW a Dunlop D803GP set runs $172 delivered from RockyMountainATV.
* I have gone through the wheel and swingarm bearings of the other '06 already (clean / regrease). I have *NOT* done this '05 yet and I'm sure its due as everyone neglects swingarm maintenance. I do have some new extra spare needle bearings if you end up needing them.
* I think this one has the 'slow' (black?) throttle tube installed. It tames the throttle response down a little by requiring more rotation to get to full throttle.
* someone has welded a small extension to the rear brake foot pad. Trials bike ones are tiny. It is now closer to a dual sport sized brake lever. Those of us w/ clumsy feet have appreciated it.

This pic is from shortly after I bought it. Note: I have removed the bar risers as they cause the clutch hose to get way too tight at full steering lock.
I paid $2150 last year and have put a couple hundred into it already.

Re: FS: 2005 Beta Rev3 270

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 7:57 am
by Boom Boom
Post this on MATU. Those riding the vintage stuff are always looking for starter bikes. You pretty much nailed the "things" the Beta Rev3 bikes need done to them. Carb is at a sharp angle and float setting is very close also the carb puke tubes are atmosphere adjust tubes...damp heavy day and the carb will spit excess fuel easier... not a biggie, just the carb design. I ran the Beta Rev bikes for years as they are built like a tank with that massive alum frame. my size was doing to much frame flex to other brands of the time. Great starter bike as not as jumpy as our current bikes. The clutch drag / stick is something you work around and learn tricks....they have a massive clutch pack and when sitting for any period of time the plates want to bind to each other. Pull clutch and a quick jerk backwards will normally free the plates. This also has a 6 speed and 4th gear is an epic hill climb gear. Most modern bikes are running a 5 speed and big jump from 3rd to 4th where the 6 speed has the big jump between 4th and 5th. Makes for a great hard core trail bike. Has a little more fuel capacity than the 2 quarts my TRS holds so longer ride range before needing to carry extra fuel.
Good luck with your sale and hope you can lure a new DAMN member into the slow world of trials.

Re: FS: 2005 Beta Rev3 270

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:36 pm
by smdub
Thanks. The carb & clutch issues I mention because the '06 doesn't do either. So there is definitely some room for improvement on them if one so chooses.
I forgot about MATU (as I'm not a real FB user.) I'll post there if it doesn't sell here for a bit.

Re: FS: 2005 Beta Rev3 270

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:09 pm
by smdub
The '06 might be for sale too (Boom Boom's old bike). Coworker who wanted it is waffling. Its been fully gone through and needs nothing. New tires. $2600.

Re: FS: 2005 Beta Rev3 270

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 11:19 am
by Boom Boom
Bring to the New Windsor MAVT event. They normally have bikes for sale parked by the barn.