Anyone ever dyno test a bike??

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Re: Anyone ever dyno test a bike??

Post by Bucho » Fri Mar 01, 2019 1:05 am

BamBam wrote:
Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:57 pm
GPX (Utah based china bike) is making a snazzy CNC pimped out two stroke based on a Husky chassis and Yamaha DT230 motor. Smooooooth. Basically a new KDX. Cheap! :-) ... e-tuesday/
I've been sort of following some of the guys on ADVrider who have the GPX TSE250. Seems like a great bike for the money. The smoother motor sounds awesome for trail riding, suspension is supposed to be good. It looks a little on the heavy side compared to its Euro counterparts, but still looks like a bargain.
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Re: Anyone ever dyno test a bike??

Post by BamBam » Mon Mar 04, 2019 2:52 pm

I am thinking that a couple of the guys on ADV RIDER are pushing the company line a little "too" hard. These guys Navin and Malignity..... as if it's their job, or they are getting some kind of kick back or something.

That is the reason I did my dyno check. A couple of these guys were claiming the 4 stroke 250f made 32hp. Turns out its really only makes 22.5hp. Why are they making ridiculous claims other than some internet scam to push/boost sales?

One of the biggest cheerleaders announced how the factory rider guy finished 6th in senior A class at a big race. Until I did some digging and found out there were only 6 entries in that class, and he was also LAST in class by a mile and 149th overall. Same facts, deliberate misinformation = fake news. So I guess I am not going to be invited to their next Chinese new year party. Ha!

The TSE-250r two stroke uses the old yamaha DT230 motor, so probably 32 real hp. Not the 40 they claim. Probably fine, same as the KDX. With better modern stuff all around. Pretty fair evaluation posted by Rocky Mountain ATV on youtube. But this stuff about being 90% of a KTM for half price is a pretty big exaggeration.

And a good bike at a great price is not the same thing as a great bike. Take mine for a spin, and I can give you the real pro/con evaluation.
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