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Who we are

Post by Rut Row » Thu Mar 13, 2008 7:29 am


We are the Dual-Sporter/Adventurers of Maryland and Nearby. :whoop:

Otherwise know as a bunch of DAMN motard and dual-sport ridin' miscreants who all live near central MD.

We recognize no geopolitical boundaries so you'll find Yankees and Rebels peacefully coexisting :harhar:

We have members from MD, WV and PA as well as a few from NJ and DE. Membership is restricted to those who live in our area - the rest of you should go join ADV Rider! :whip:

We formed when ADV Rider divided the Eastern Forum into the Northeast and Southeast forums. We are too lazy to monitor two forums. :lol2:

We have no official leader but our founding fathers and Grand Poohbas are RRob and HondaHawkRider :chicken kiss:
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