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Re: DAMN Reunion 2020 15-17 May

Post by Skinny-J » Mon May 11, 2020 4:17 pm

That is some crazy stuff right there; the black truck and white trailer pulling in to the left is Wingfixer and the blue truck coming head on is me and my wife right behind WF. Now you tell me the odds of that random guy filming us, Phoo finding it and then us seeing it here within 2 days!

And yes, it was absolutely insane in the parking lot. On previous trips to Locust Gap there were MAYBE 5 or 6 trucks; there must have been close to 100 there on Saturday. At least FRO anticipated this and put in a huge new parking area. There was even an FRO guy at the road checking permits on the way in. There were half a dozen trucks pulled on the side who I am betting didn't have permits as I flashed mine and was waived right thru. I am hoping this is just temporary as many of the other FRO locations were in a different county that is still closed so this forced everyone over here. I am really scared that people find the ST here and it gets all ripped up like over at Burma but 90% of the people in the parking lot were quad and SXS's so they can just fuk off and I think we are pretty safe.


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