Tri County Sportsmen supports Trenton Rally 6/13

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Tri County Sportsmen supports Trenton Rally 6/13

Post by Rut Row » Wed May 22, 2013 1:10 pm

Here's an email I got from the Team Hammer folks - looks like something worth supporting.
The Hammer Run AMA National Dual Sport is November 2nd and 3rd this year and the flyer will be posted soon.

The reason for my message today is that we need every available dual sport and adventure rider to cruise through Trenton, NJ on 6/13/13 at noon to support NJ off road events that want to utilize single track trail. After 75 years of single track trail usage in NJ, one state forest official has implemented a pilot program that bans single track usage in Wharton state forest, and will later be implemented at all state forests. Enduros cannot run on the menu of available dirt roads and fire cuts that they have been limited to.

Tri County Sportsmen is already affected in that it has a portion of trail that we are not allowed to use in our states southern most forest, Belleplain State Forest, so it seems to be implemented everywhere already.

These measures that state officials are taking can very easily affect all other aspects of off road motorcycle riding in the future, including NJ DEP wildlife management areas, state forests and any other state owned property.

We have already had to fight a separate threat last year involving the changing of language in the new state park service code that would have banned dual sport bikes in the state forests on any dirt roads. They said they corrected it, and contend it was just a case of bad wording in the code. Incidentally we still have not seen the new wording that will be adopted into that code and the comment period closed October 2012.

But this latest threat is serious, and although we have a lot of other defensive measures in action at this time, this rally is an important move.

You are in an elite group of riders, you utilize events that follow all the rules and regulations and you are all responsible, you need to make the time to make it to this event because your rights are being violated in an especially egregious way.

Thanks for listening.
Attached is a flyer for the rally.
Any questions call the number on the flyer or email me back.
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