Shade / Bald Eagle (7-mountains)

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Re: Shade / Bald Eagle (7-mountains)

Post by Denny » Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:06 am

This is so upsetting that the DCNR acts without any input from the motorized community. Last fall I went to Harrisburg with PaOHV to have a sit down with the Secretary of the DCNR and he didn’t show up for the meeting. He sent various representatives instead. Then he walked by us after the meeting and didn’t say a word.

PaTRA needs to take some of the local business owners who will be affected by this 5 month closing to a meeting with the local politicians. Then everyone should walk into their State Representatives office and inform them of what is going on and how it is hurting the community.

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Re: Shade / Bald Eagle (7-mountains)

Post by BillyGoat » Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:47 am

[quote="Boom Boom"]OHM & Dual Sport System Closure Period

This is the official wording handed down from the State Forest Department.
"The Shade Mountain Off-Highway Motorcycle (OHM) trails on State Forest lands are OPEN to motorcycles from the Friday before Memorial Day through the last full weekend in September (summer riding season) and from the day following the last day of the regular or extended antlerless deer season as established by the Game Commission through the following April 1 (winter season)"

Can someone please translate this bureaucratese into English?
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Re: Shade / Bald Eagle (7-mountains)

Post by J&J » Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:16 am

Can someone please translate this bureaucratese into English?

From an e-mail I got today, same thing;

Open NOW till 1 April

CLOSED 1 April through Friday before Memorial Day

Open Friday before Memorial Day through end of Sep

CLOSED from end of Sep through end of Deer season which is determined each year****

Please DO NOT ride in Shade Mountain during the Closed periods. We have to respect the periods else we risk loosing another riding area!

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