ORV Stakeholder Workgroup Update

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ORV Stakeholder Workgroup Update

Post by Rut Row » Mon May 23, 2011 6:33 am

Original email below - thanks to CapoGreg for forwarding it to me. I never got the original. I sent in a request to participate.
From: Peditto, Paul [mailto:PPEDITTO@dnr.state.md.us]
Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2011 8:23 AM
To: Heft, Alan; Allegany-Garrett County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association;
Allen Fahey; Amanda Garlitz; Andrew Akers; Andrianne Witkowski; Anita
Simmons; Anthony H. DiPaolo; Arthur Egolf; Arthur Egolf; Bill Gash; Bob
Nickel; BradleyS. Zimmerly; Breezewood Proving Grounds; Brian Davis; Bruce &
Dana; Calvin D. Lubben; Charles Foskey; Charles N. Hoffeditz; Charles Vane;
Cheryl DeBerry; Chief Rudy Hall; Chief Winterhawk Sewell E. Fitzhugh; Chirs
Lander; Chris Luke; Christopher Ciampa; Cristofer Price; Cumberland Cycles;
Curtis Salter; Cycle Outlet Inc.; Dan Fiscus; Dana King; Dana Subock; Daniel
Maticic; David Dawson; David Dorr; David Nedved; David Scordy; Debbie
Farrie; Delegate Kevin Kelly; Don Crowe; Donnelle Keech; Douglas Dobrynski;
Douglas McFarland; Edward Gates; Elle; Eric Schaefer; Frank Fox; Frank
Lipson; Garth Patterson; Gary Fitzhugh; Gary Oakley; Glenn Schmidt; Glenn
Sober; Gordon Benson; Greg Wilburn; Gregory Karwacki; Hole Shot; J. P.
Miller; Jeff Carnes; Jen & John Gallivan; Jennifer Chapin; Jeremy Wishart;
Jim Carnes; Jim Max; Joan E. Maloof, Ph.D.; Joe Warwick; John Ford; John
Gosnell; John Kitzmiller; John Lango Jr.; Jon Halleaux; Joseph Fehrer; Kathy
Steger; Ken Kyler; Ken Roberts; Kevin Dodge; Kevin Riley; Kim Shirer; Kyle
Nelson; Larry Beauchamp; Louis Bernstein; Mark Diehl; Matthew Weimer;
Michael Guder John; Mike Dreisback; Mike Hylton; Mike Kozier; Mike Logsdon;
Mike McCauley; Mike Sawyers; Nicholas Muzia; Pat Kelly; Pat Wallizer; Paul
Emmart; Pete Long; Peter and Tanja Willmon; Peter Hauer; Phil Elisio; Phil
Roche; Preston Stevens; PU; Randell Beeman; Randy Beeman; Ray Greene;
Richard; Richard McLane; Ridersville Cycles; Rita Crowe; Robert Isoldi;
Robert Marr; Sandra Gregory; Shaun Pressley; Sid Turner; Steve Green; Steve
Hinton; Steve Nelson; Steve Resh; Sunshine Brosi; Sunshine Brosi Department
of Biology Frostburg State University; Theresa Oakley; Thomas Rowan Sr; Tim
and Anne Pritts; Tom Dulz; Tom Matthews; Tom Vogtman; Uli Werner; Unknown;
Unknown; Unknown; Wayne Hartwig; Wendy Heilman; William J. Menges; William
M. Giese Jr.; Wind O'Neal; Unknown; Unknown
Cc: Saunders, Kristin M; Lathbury, Meredith; Wilson, John F.; Koehn, Steve;
Settina, Nita; Davidsburg, Josh; Pisani, Darlene; Johnson IV, George F.;
O'Connell, Thomas
Subject: ORV Stakeholder Workgroup Update

Dear ORV Stakeholder -
I am writing to thank you for your time, attention and thoughtful input
toward the ORV process thus far; and seek your interest in serving the
process going forward. As promised, the Department is now preparing to
finalize the named members for the ORV Stakeholder Workgroup. This group
will guide us in determining possible locations for new ORV trails in MD. As
mentioned in our last message, we intend to meet quarterly with a goal of
identifying at least one new trail system in the next twelve months. This
will require several on-site meetings in the field at locations worthy of
consideration. To see these sites in person we will also need to meet during
the day and generally on weekdays to avoid conflicts with
landowners/managers-- so please consider those facts before submitting your
name as a candidate to the group.

I will lead the ORV Stakeholder Workgroup with other DNR team-members
supporting our efforts. Please reply with a short note expressing your
interest in being named to the workgroup and the name of the organization
and/or 'philosophy' represented by the group. We are generally looking for
individuals who represent organized groups/associations/clubs in and around
MD so please send one named representative (and perhaps one alternate) for
each group. This workgroup will include non-riders but our focus will be on
development of new ORV trail riding opportunities so please keep that in
mind as it will mean a majority of members will be trail riders (including
larger street-legal 4x4's, atvs, side-by-sides, dirt bikes -- dual-purpose
and otherwise; and snowmobiles).

On behalf of the Department, thank you for your time and please reply with
your note of interest by May 26, 2011 so we can compile the final membership
and circulate our selections shortly thereafter.

Thank you and enjoy the weekend!

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