2021 CB1000

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2021 CB1000

Post by Firebolter » Thu Mar 04, 2021 12:13 pm

I had a CB900 when I lived in japan. I bought it from the Navy Exchange, That was the time when the Katana came out, and while the styling of the Katana was "revolutionary" at the time, the CB would walk away from it on the top end even though it was 100cc less displacement.

The new CB1000 look pretty sweet and the "black Addition" comes with some nice features

Honda also confirmed the CB1000R will return for 2021, with updated 5-inch TFT display, a new headlight, new wheels, and underseat USB charger. Quickshifter, windscreen and pillion pad cover come standard, and the bike is now wearing a “Black Edition” label, because that’s a cheap and affordable way to make people think you’re badass. ‘Muricans pay $12,199 for the 2021 model, and hosers in Canuckistan will have to cough up a $15,799 MSRP before taxes and other fees. Better get ready to sell your shares in the toque factory.

Lots of cool bikes---

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