KTM weights (actual)

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KTM weights (actual)

Post by smdub » Tue Mar 31, 2020 5:14 pm

Ok, I'm an engineer and like numbers. Having recently bought a new 500 EXC, I threw it up on my race car corner balance scales. This led to putting the other bikes on there too. Figured others might be interested in my non-riding/winter boredom, so here are the numbers and notes:

2017 KTM 150 XC-W 229# (perfect 50%/50% distribution)
mostly full tank. Recently power washed. near new rear Shinko R505 cheater 110/100
notable mods: Rear tubliss, Cycra wrap handguards, Alu skid plate, P3 pipe guard, fan kit, rear disc guard

2012 KTM 500 EXC = 275# (5# heavier on rear)
full tank (~1" to the top, on its kickstand) no mirrors! New rear tire Shinko R505 cheater 120/100
notable mods: Rear tubliss. Alu skid plate, desmogged, Cycra handguards, Sicass lighting kit (very minimal), doubletake mirrors (which I forgot to put back on)
FWIW, a buddy measured his 2015 w/ no skid plate (he took off to clean and forgot to put it back on before weigh-on) at 270# (don't know how much gas he had)

2020 KTM 500 EXC-F = 254# (perfect 50%/50%)
as delivered, full of gas
notable mods: None (The skidplate, rad guards, and hand guards will add some weight but I'll be able to take some back off too.)

Believe it or not, the 2020 published dry figures are probably accurate. If you calculate the weight of gas, oil, and coolant it adds up really close. The manual calls for different tires than the one it was delivered on so that could be a difference too. It is interesting to note the published 2020 300 XC-W 2-stroke is only 2.2kg (5#) lighter dry than the 500. That could easily be the non DOT tires & signals. I've got a buddy w/ the new 300. As soon as we can safely meet/ride again I'll throw his bike up on the scales.

TL/DR: 150 is 25-30# lighter than the new 500. New 500 is 20# lighter than old one.
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Re: KTM weights (actual)

Post by Firebolter » Tue Mar 31, 2020 8:38 pm

I believe it, the new 500's feel so lite, it's crazy. They feel as lite as my 18 300. They have done a good job loosing weight in the motor. If you think about it, the frame, wheels and shit are basically the same. I know when I ride the new 500, it flicks around and feels lighter than your average 4T. Good stuff.
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Re: KTM weights (actual)

Post by Laoch » Wed Apr 01, 2020 8:56 am

I'm pretty sure my fe250 is in 250# range? So yeah, to get a 500cc bike at the weight is pretty good.

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Re: KTM weights (actual)

Post by Boom Boom » Wed Apr 01, 2020 11:35 am

what does the 19 Sherco come in at?
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