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Boot Review

Post by Teethgrinder » Wed Jun 18, 2008 2:06 pm

I purchased a pair of Sidi Way TePor boots last week. I have lots of boots, but none that stand up in the rain. And seeing that I have a penchant for finding rain wherever I go, it was time for something new.
I tried on A-Star GoreTex boots, but found them bulky and weird. I have a love for Sidi products as it is - my roadrace boots are Sidi B2's, and I wear Sidi Dohas for general around-town stuff.
The Way boots have, so far, been effective. They fit great (like all Sidi boots should), they're relatively light and not cumbersome, and they work well as a touring boot. Best of all, they seem to keep the water out. Now, as I've found, nothing is ever 100% waterproof. But in the rain I've ridden in lately, my socks have been dry. The TePor (GoreTex competitor?) appears to hold. As a plus, I can wear them to walk in all day if need be (which I've come to expect form Sidi, and nearly demand in any boot). They also retain the Sidi insole.
I paid dealer retail for them ($200), but I am Instant Gratification Man, and don't like ordering footwear online. I'm positive that they can be had for less.

So... they get the Scott Thumbs Up for form and function. I'll really know after a heavy, long rain to test their limits however.

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Re: Boot Review

Post by Bucho » Thu Jun 19, 2008 9:00 am

I used to have a pair of Sidi Onroad boots. I bought them because they looked "relatively normal" and not like a pair of moon boots. As far as I could tell those things were completely waterproof, I wore them for 45,000 on road miles and then completely fragged them up when I kept wearing them w/ my first dirt bike.
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