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Re: Just One More...Really..

Post by OnOff » Sat May 24, 2008 10:26 pm

Just added the FJR1300 to the VF1100S and XR650L for a combined total of 3050ccs of joy. Actually, after many moons the VF1100S Sabre has gone to a friend, but I did get to ride her again today and that will be a tough bike to get out of my system. Truly she feels like she has the same or more amount of SPANK as the FJR when allowed to run naked and wide open.
The FJR1300 and XR650L remain and I imagine neither will be out of my stable for many years to come.
BTW, headed out for another ride tomorrow morning. Mtg up at Padonia road at the Roy Rogers? just off I-83 tomorrow at 9am if anybody wants to do some street carving. I'll be on the FJR, another guy on a speed triple or FJR and another guy riding?
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